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Beauty and the Beast Reimagined
Book 3 of the Forgotten Kingdom Series

Do not be deceived by looks alone, 

or the truth of your heart has been shone.

Anyone who isn't royalty isn't worth a penny. Yet, when I wake the dawn after the autumn ball to find everyone in the castle under a spell, and that my beauty is hidden inside the form of a wolf, I'm forced to put my trust in a complete stranger. 

All I wanted was to be rid of the enchantment. Instead, I find myself traipsing about the kingdom alongside a boy I despise. With magic outlawed in Arington, I have no idea how to break this enchantment or save myself, and my only choice is to trust in Gerard.

Yes, that Gerard.


Of course, in exchange for helping me, he wants the autumn stone. He is really the beast with nothing to lose, not me. 

But neither of us could have anticipated the dangers we would face, and when the choice comes for me to save him or save myself, the answer is clear.

Only, I didn't plan on falling in love with him.


You'll fall in love with this tale of change, trust, and adventure.

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The Four Stones of Tern Tovan
Prequel to The Forgotten Kingdom Series

Four Gems

Four Realms 

One Forgotten Kingdom


Prince Tovan's life changed when he was chosen to study at the Quinary Wizard Academy. He never imagined he would be touched by magic, let alone gifted with the rarest form. 

Things only grow more confusing when he is assigned a familiar--a dragonling named Quist--and he's certain his life will end. After all, dragons hate wizards.

But Quist opens his eyes to the dangers and natural disasters impeding his kingdom, and he realizes he's the only one willing to save his people. And magic is the way to do it.

Yet, his efforts to appease their suffering results in a decision he might live to regret.


Personal dragon trainer, lover of glitter, writer of fantasy. 

Lichelle Slater is a USA Today Bestselling author and was nominated as Best Debut Author at UtopiaCon in 2017 for "Step Right Up." She currently lives in Salt Lake City, UT with her adorable King Charles, Perseus, and works full-time as a special education preschool teacher.

Every free moment she gets, she escapes into the worlds she creates and shares with readers. One thing is certain: you'll always find a dragon in her writing.


Welcome to the dragon nest!

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