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Welcome 2021

In 2020, I published the last 3 books in this bestselling series (thanks to amazing readers like you!) I have incredible plans for 2021 and I'm so excited to announce them to you!

March - Book 1 Relaunch of Sirkus av Magi with new series: The Circus of Magic

April - Book 2 Relaunch (title announcement coming February 2021)

May - Book 3 Relaunch (title announcement coming February 2021)

July - Prequel to Super Secret Project (announcement hopefully coming May/June)

August - Book 1 of Super Secret Project

September - Book 2 of Super Secret Project

October - Book 3 of Super Secret Project

November - Box Set Launch of The Forgotten Kingdom Series


Do YOU read science fiction?

I know you're used to hearing about my fairytales, but did you know I also have a science fiction / fantasy series? SURPRISE! In March, April, and May of 2021 they will be receiving new covers and be relaunching as an updated, "new" series.

If you are interested in reading this series for FREE in exchange for a review, please contact me by responding to this email or: (or you can contact me through any social media).


Signed Copies Available!

If you'd like signed copies of The Forgotten Kingdom Series, they are $12 each plus shipping (for all 5 books it's only $6)! Every order receives free magnets of the book covers, and a couple of handmade book marks! Payments must go through PayPal or Venmo. Contact me to order!

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