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Beyond the Outer Wall
A Plague of Magic

What would you sacrifice?

Lilly wasn't born for adventure. As an apprentice to the wizard, it is her duty to keep the wizard tower clean, collect the herbs, make the potions, and practice magic. But when she’s put in charge of healing a prisoner of war, her life will never be the same. The prince and king are keeping secrets, all which revolve around a mysterious tree with two sorceresses trapped inside.

Prince Asher, an animal shape-shifter from Vasha, had his life forever altered when the humans invaded his land, killed his mother, and captured him and his father. The humans want to know the location of a rumored tree and are willing to do anything to get it. When he meets an apprentice to the wizard, he never thought he actually might respect a human.

They’re pulled together when the escape plan goes awry and Lily is forced to flee with Asher. And by doing so, she’s pushed into an adventure that not only helps her discover the truth of her past, but unlocks the truth of her destiny.

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The Forgotten Kingdom Series

Monsters. True Love. Fairytales.

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The Four Stones of Tern Tovan
Prequel to The Forgotten Kingdom Series

Four Gems

Four Realms 

One Forgotten Kingdom


Prince Tovan's life changed when he was chosen to study at the Quinary Wizard Academy. He never imagined he would be touched by magic, let alone gifted with the rarest form. 

Things only grow more confusing when he is assigned a familiar--a dragonling named Quist--and he's certain his life will end. After all, dragons hate wizards.

But Quist opens his eyes to the dangers and natural disasters impeding his kingdom, and he realizes he's the only one willing to save his people. And magic is the way to do it.

Yet, his efforts to appease their suffering results in a decision he might live to regret.


About Me

Personal dragon trainer,

lover of glitter,

writer of fantasy. 

Reading has always been a huge passion, from The Hobbit to Goosebumps. Some of my fondest memories are at the library or being read to, and when I embarked on my journey of becoming an author, I did so with the dream of sharing the worlds in my mind with others.

I currently live in Salt Lake City, UT with my adorable King Charles, Perseus, and work full-time as a special education preschool teacher.

I am a USA Today Bestselling author and was nominated for "Unforgettable Book of the Year" for The Beast Princess and "Mind-Blowing Fantasy of the Year" for The Siren Princess at Penned Con 2020, and as Best Debut Author at UtopiaCon in 2017 for Step Right Up (now Circus of the Stars: Ringmaster). 

Welcome to the dragon nest!

You can email me at:

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