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Beyond the Outer Wall

When a young man from the mythical land of Vasha is captured and brought to the human capital Rencheston, a wizard's apprentice will never see her world the same ever again.

Vasha isn't supposed to exist, except in stories. As the wizard's apprentice, Lilly has heard the old hunters swap tales about the magical land with human-animal shifters.

Until one fateful day when the soldiers of Rencheston return with a prisoner--a boy her age named Asher. Assigned by the king's wizard to nurse him back to health with her uncanny skills in alchemy, she learns the awful truth: Vasha is not only real, but Asher is their prince and King Barith wants a secret source of magic hidden on their land.


Lilly wasn't born for adventure. Still, she is the only one who can help Asher escape. Unfortunately, her plans fall apart and she is forced to run with him or face her own execution. Lilly must face barbarians, rely on her magic, trust Prince Asher, and learn what life is truly like beyond the outer wall of Rencheston.

Because the soldiers are close behind and it's up to Lilly and Asher to strengthen the people of Vasha and unlock her true potential.

Plague Series (1).jpg

The Map - WIP

Rencheston - Humans

Marial - Elves

Vasha - Animal Shifters

The Characters

Click on the picture to meet all of the characters in A Plague of Magic. I'll be starting with the first book, Beyond the Outer Wall, and add other characters as they are created.


The Prologue

Welcome to the introduction of Beyond the Outer Wall.


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