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Christmas Magic

Amazon Review

What a delightful, feel-good read to get you in the holiday spirit. It's like a Hallmark movie with all the drama, Christmas spirit, and sweet romance you crave! Amazing story that has me ready for decorations and snow. Definitely recommend this and look forward to more stories in this series!

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Secret Santa
Clean, Christmas Romance
(Compared to Hallmark movies)

For a Secret Santa elf, love complicates everything. 

Bell Winter owns the busiest bakery in Owentown. But baking delicious goodies comes second to her real job—being a Secret Santa for the big man himself. Her most important task as an elf is to restore the spirit of Christmas, and for the third year running, one name is scrawled at the top of her list—Drake Pine. 

Drake is about to lose the Red Dragon Tavern—the last connection he has to his father who died on Christmas Eve three years earlier. Since his father’s death, Drake has been an insufferable Scrooge. But when Bell walks into his tavern for a cup of cocoa, everything changes.

Bell's mission is simple: clear Drake Pine off her list once and for all. Falling for him in the process wasn’t part of the plan. Now, she must choose between following the rules or breaking them. Does she keep the job she adores or break the biggest rule of them all and tell the only man she has ever loved who she really is?

Amazon Review

An absolute must-read for the holiday season! Rudy and Allison's story was so adorably sweet and I loved their interactions and the message within. Beware the coffee-loving dragon who will leave you grinning with his antics. A well-done holiday romance with swoons and laughs that's sure to revive the magic of Christmas for you.

Accidental Secret Santa_EB.jpg
Accidental Secret Santa
Clean, Christmas Romance
(Comparable to Hallmark movies)

True love doesn't need to remember.


When Allison almost loses her life she makes a decision that will change it forever: she lies.


Rudy can't remember who he is or the beautiful woman standing at his hospital bed.


When he is released into her care, he vows to remember the woman he loves.


Things change when a white dragon shows up, and Allison realizes Rudy is more than the most handsome man she's ever met.


Can Allison figure out who Rudy is without him finding out she lied?


Enjoy this cozy, romantic Christmas story with a spunky Christmas dragon and true love.​

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