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Circus of the Stars

Circus of the Stars: Ringmaster
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Step right up to the Greatest Show in the Universe...where nothing is as it seems.


Crystal is a typical teenager whose only worries are passing her training exam and getting placed into the career of her dreams. 


Everything changes when the Sirkus av Magi shows up for a special performance. 


When Crystal sneaks off to see the show, she never imagines that one choice will leave her traversing the galaxy to try and find out who murdered her father. 


She quickly discovers things aboard the circus spaceship aren't what they seem.


The fire breather is a dragon, the gymnast duplicates himself, and the shapeshifting animal has an attitude problem.

When the Ringmaster discovers Crystal is a stowaway, Crystal is forced to choose between finding her father's killer or following in his footsteps. Can Crystal solve the mystery and save the performers? 

You're going to fall in love with this fast-paced science fiction adventure because of the magic, twists, and mystery. 

"The Night Circus meets Star Wars, or The Greatest Showman with a sci-fi twist...I didn't know I needed a sci-fi circus in my life until reading this book."
-- Dream With Your Eyes Open Book Reviews --
Marionette Final.jpg
Circus of the Stars: Marionette
Science Fiction/Fantasy

Come one, come all to see the newest performer at the Sirkus av Magi.

Crystal is now the Sirkus av Magi's human marionette, performing without the ability to move on her own.


Being stuck in a body she can't move forces her to step back and rely on others, especially the shape shifter, Koda.

When Crystal accidentally uses magic, the tables turn, and she learns her dad hid a secret her entire life.


Now she not only has to learn how to control the volatile magic, she discovers there's more to the Greatest Show in the Universe than anyone realized. 

Someone else is pulling the strings.

Circus of the Stars: Magician
Science Fiction/Fantasy

When home is space, where do you belong?


Koda's been taken by the previous captain and Crystal is desperate to get him back.


Aren has been sold into slavery, leaving Zrea in charge of the Sirkus av Magi, but she’s not going to risk a rescue mission until she knows exact locations.


With her mom not willing to move, Crystal reaches out to her dad’s team on Earth, and launches her own rescue mission to save Koda.


But Crystal’s inability to control her magic messes up her father’s rescue, and makes the situation worse.


Her feeling of helplessness won't get her family back.


Armed with her desire for revenge, Crystal decides to take on the biggest slaver in the universe.


If she fails, everyone she knows will die. Can Crystal keep everyone safe before it's too late?

Enjoy the final book of the Sirkus av Magi series, which will have you on the edge of your seat with action and adventure.

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