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A Villain's Ever After

What if the Enchantress fell in love with the Beast?

Or the Sea Witch wasn't so evil?

Suppose the sorcerer won the swan princess's heart?

"A Villain's Ever After" will take you to places where wishes really do come true . . . from a certain point of view. Expect the unexpected as we fall in love with the villains who might not be the "bad guy" after all.

Featuring twelve short novels full of magic, romance, and adventure, you'll see villains in a whole new light.

Who said villains can't have happily-ever-afters?


The Sultan and The Storyteller

For thirty-nine nights, the sultan of Zunbar has chosen a new wife.

For thirty-nine dawns,

they are pronounced dead.

When Sultan Zayne summons my best friend to be taken as his newest victim, I can no longer pretend to be blind and volunteer in her stead. My only plan--weave a story each night and hopefully learn why he would kill in the first place.

As I unravel the tapestry of lies, I learn there's more going on inside the gilded walls of the palace than anyone in the land could ever realize. I've woven myself into the story, and if I don't pull on the right thread, it's not only my life at stake but my heart.

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