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Circus of the Stars AVAILABLE

Join Crystal on an adventure that is out of this world!

When Crystal visits The Greatest Show in the Universe, her life is turned topsy-turvy. Sneaking off for a night of fun was every teenager's dream. Until she gets home to find her father dead and the murderer is someone from the Circus of Magic.

As if things couldn't get worse, after Crystal makes in on board she learns the dark truth behind the curtain. There's far more to the Circus of Magic than meets the eye and it's up to her to save the performers, avenge her father's death, and discover herself along the way.

With a dragon as a fire-breather, a shapeshifter for the animals, and a duplicating gymnast, you're bound to love this adventure like you've never read before!

Signed Paperbacks ARE Available! Just email me!


A Letter from Percy...

Mom tried a new sport with me called Fast CAT (aka: Fast Course Ability Test) where I got to sprint for 100 yards. Turns out, I'm pretty fast! I ran over 18 MPH! I get to earn pretty ribbons if I earn enough points too. The best part is, Mom doesn't have to train me and I absolutely LOVE it!


General Update

Being a teacher, it's strange that I've never been more excited to have a school year end. This entire year has been positively exhausting in ways I never knew I could be exhausted. COVID, the death of both of my grandparents, the drama of COVID requirements from the district and anger from parents, and feeling that I'm just not enough. Pile on top of that hoping to get SOMETHING written, and it's been rough!

That being said, I'm so grateful for the job I do have and

that my books are still awesome. :)

My current project is a secret until June 1 and I'm currently in the throes of revisions.

I think you're all REALLY going to like this retelling.

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