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Circus of the Stars RELAUNCH

Join Crystal on an adventure that is out of this world!

When Crystal visits The Greatest Show in the Universe, her life is turned topsy-turvy. Sneaking off for a night of fun was every teenager's dream. Until she gets home to find her father dead and the murderer is someone from the Circus of Magic.

As if things couldn't get worse, after Crystal makes in on board she learns the dark truth behind the curtain. There's far more to the Circus of Magic than meets the eye and it's up to her to save the performers, avenge her father's death, and discover herself along the way.

With a dragon as a fire-breather, a shapeshifter for the animals, and a duplicating gymnast, you're bound to love this adventure like you've never read before!

Official Launch May 1, 2021


A Letter from Percy...

We went to Vegas last weekend and it was 90 degrees! (Also, it was the most lamest trip ever. We didn't even go on a hike.) My human decided it was time for my summer haircut when we got home, and you know what happened the next day? It SNOWED! And she made me wear a ridiculous sweater! I won't even tell her I actually liked it because I really was warm.


Stained Glass Update

What an adventure! I can't even tell you how much I am in LOVE with creating stained glass art. The whole process is very cathartic.

However, there are a LOT of elements to creating a stained glass piece:

1) Finding the image

2) Making the image a template (and making multiple copies of it)

3) Finding the right glass

4) Cutting apart one template to glue on the glass

5) Cutting the glass

6) Grinding the glass

7) Washing all the gunk from the glass

8) Foiling the glass

9) Recutting the glass

10) Soldering it

11) Giving it a patina (as you see, neither have their patina)

12) Framing the glass (also not done)

You know what? I'll just make a video on TikTok.

If you aren't following me there, please do! @LichelleSlaterAuthor

Even though they aren't technically finished because I haven't framed them or put on the patina, they've both turned out beautifully. I'm looking for my next project too! What do you think I should make?

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