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Cover Reveal!

As you can see, the entire concept for this book changed. (Including the series and title.)

I had the cover artist complete the first AND second covers for a sci-fi looking book,

and it was completely science fiction and hit everything I asked for. It was awesome!

So why did I change it?

Well, my biggest struggle with this series has been knowing which audience to target from the day I wrote the first word (which can be bad). I mean, no one has ever written a circus in space before, and I knew I was doing something no one had ever done.

(Literally no one--I looked)

I got some feedback from a couple of fellow authors about the genre and decided to steer away from the science fiction element and just go for circus. So I researched more of the circus genre and the covers of best sellers and felt like an idiot for not doing so sooner. The Paper Magician, The Night Circus, and Caraval are all covers that I looked at when deciding to have this redone AGAIN.

I was terrified to message my cover artist and ask for another change when she'd just started making the third cover, but I'm SO GLAD I did because, isn't this cover gorgeous?


Now Available!

"This was an epic adventure from Gerard's perspective. Everything he has been through all leading to a showdown that is incredible. Reading this whole series, I felt all the emotions. Gerard grows so much from his first introduction to his final battle. The world in engaging, and the characters are lofty and relatable. The author does end with a lead up to the next series she is working on, but with enough closure that this reader is satisfied. Very well done."

--Amazon Review


Stained Glass Art

I'm a total nerd and really want to get into stained glass art. I tend to go through creative phases where I've sculpted (I was pretty good at it too), I've done crochet, cross stitching, diamond art, etc.

Right now, I want to learn how to make stained glass things. Do you know anyone who does this? Stay tuned!

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